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Why should I hire a Certified Professional Resume Writer to write my resume?

Powerful and Effective Resumes at Affordable Prices for Over 30 Years by One of the 1st Certified Professional Resume Writers in the World.

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I've worked with clients in all fields and industries for over 30 years. From entry level resumes to executive level resumes, I know which formats work best, I know how to write a resume that showcases my clients' background, and I know how to write an achievement-based resume that positions my clients ahead of their competition.

How important is it to have a well-written resume?

Resumes serve as an initial introduction to prospective employers. Your resume is often all the hiring manager has to form an initial opinion about you. Just as you'd never go to an interview in sloppy clothes, your resume should not represent you in a sloppy way. Your background may be impressive but if you don't have a resume that showcases your qualifications, you may never get the opportunity to discuss those qualifications in an interview. And remember, you only have about 30 seconds to make a good impression with your resume. Don't miss your opportunity.

How can you help me?

I'd be happy to help you with any of my resume writing and resume critique services. My site also has lots of free resources focused on job searching and how to make a resume. You'll find lots of free tips on how to make a resume, what makes a good resume, and other career-related resources for a successful job search.

What if I can't afford a professionally-written resume?

Even though I'm one of the most-affordable certified resume writers around, I recognize that even my fees may exceed some budgets. If that's your situation and you already have an existing resume, you might want to check out my other web site at where I can review, critique, and advise you on how to improve your resume at a cost far below the cost of writing your resume from scratch.

Let me know if I can answer any questions. Or,  get help with your resume now.

Steven M. Burt
Certified Professional Resume Writer

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